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Workshop ‘Untherapy’

By Elad HadadShai Epstein and Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar.




They announce the workshop as follows:


“We dedicate our lives to helping people live closer to themselves, their passions and potential. We work hard to contain, encourage and provoke – to invite life in.

But do we do so for ourselves? Not just in our lives, but also in therapy?


During these two days of ‘untherapy’ we invite you to explore and experiment with us the possibility of cultivating our own vitality, opening to our own joy as therapists, challenging habitual therapeutic positions and letting go of effort.

We promise a challenging, pleasurable, and engaging workshop which will contribute to your personal life, as well as to your clinical work.”


A participant of the EABP congress in Lisbon 2014, experienced their workshop ‘Untherapy’ as follows:


“Such a new and refreshing experience that I felt a bit blown away. But the three therapists were very capable and loving so the workshop took place in a really safe atmosphere.

It was an embodiment of being human and therapist. An embodiment of all opposites being present together. An embodiment of not having to know."


Dates: Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October 2015

The workshop starts Saturday at 10.00 and ends Sunday at 17.00.


Location: Meeuwenveen in Havelte (Drenthe, the Netherlands)


Price: € 250,- for NVLP members, € 310,- for non-members. Price includes 1 night in Meeuwenveen and 2x lunch, 1x breakfast and 1x diner.


Your registration is final after:

  • sending an email to secretaris@nvlp.nl
  • your payment has been received on: NL70 INGB 004 3883 01 (in name of 'NVLP' and please mention 'untherapy')

Canceling your registration for free is possible until 2 weeks before the workshop starts.

There will be no refunds after these 2 weeks.


The workshop will be in English.

Maximum amount of participants is 40.


Read more about 'Untherapy' and about Elad, Shai and Asaf.

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